About Us


Claudia Harrison Enterprises (Pty) Ltd, informally known as CHE is a 100% Female Black Owned South African Company. The company was founded in 2016 and registered in Pretoria, South Africa.  Its focus is on both soft skills and hard skills.

Soft skills include consultancy, training, coaching, facilitation and knowledge dissemination. The hard skills include on the ground activities such as farming, landscaping, horticulture, aquaculture, rehabilitation of landscapes, forest restoration, wetland rehabilitation, wastewater management, etc. CHE also specializes in Integrated Water Resources Management, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency; Blue, Green and Circular Economy; Climate Change Resilience and Reduction of Greenhouse Gas emission activities.

CHE is also involved in production and distribution of health and beauty products such as body butters, soap and various health teas, all made from natural products including aloe vera and Moringa oleifera. Che is also working towards import and export various products including fruits and vegetables exports, hair and skin care range, furniture, home decoration, events products and services. CHE has partnered with other companies to participate in solar energy development projects where they are looking to engineer, procure and construct world class solar energy solutions in several African countries and seaports.

Ms Sibongile Winnie Mavimbela has vast knowledge and over 15 years experience in Climate Change, Green Economy, Blue Economy, Circular Economy (Waste Management), Integrated Water Resource Management, Sustainable Land Management, Renewable Energy and other environmental issues. She has worked for various Departments of the South African Government and also worked for the Southern African Development Community (SADC), an international organisation where she was responsible for Environment and Climate Change in 16 countries. She holds an Honors Degree in Environmental Sciences from Rhodes University and a Masters Degree in Environmental Sciences from the Atlantic International University (AIU). She also has experience in Knowledge Services in the Water and Sanitation sector where she can package and disseminate knowledge to various stakeholders. She has strong networks with international organisations, political networks, faith groups and grassroot community groups.