Our Services

Rural Development

CHE supports community development projects, women and youth empowerment activities, social enterprises, agriculture and cooperatives. CHE facilitates partnerships with international and local cooperation partners that support small enterprises and rural development programmes and projects. CHE plays the role of negotiations, communication, training and facilitation, contract development and managing the implementation of signed agreements. Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting are also key roles that CHE can perform in a project.


Natural Resources (Minerals, forestry, soil, water, energy)

CHE is passionate about the environment and natural resources. It contributes to policy development, implementation, monitoring, tracking and reporting. CHE implements programmes on mining and mineral beneficiation, Sustainable Forest Management, Sustainable Land Management, Soil Protection and Conservation, Water Security and reclamation, Waste Water Management and Recovery, Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. The company has expertise in Water Use Licensing Processes, Wetland and landscape rehabilitation activities. Landscaping and foodscaping has also been some of the activities that contribute both aesthetic values and food security to society. Agricultural entrepreneurship and coaching on climate smart practices are key to food security in the Southern African Region, which has serious food and water shortages. Drought, Land degradation and Deforestation (DLDD) are serious environmental challenges faced by the Southern African Region. CHE has the expertise to address them through restoration programmes and projects such as the Great Green Wall Initiative (GGWI)   


Climate Change (Increasing Adaptive Capacity, Promoting Resilience, Reducing Emissions)

CHE has the capacity and experience in developing Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies. These could be sector based to reduce Greenhouse Emissions and increase resilience of each sector to impacts of climate change. These sectors include Water and Sanitation, Biodiversity and Forestry, Agriculture and Food Security, Health, Disaster Risk Reduction, Migration and conflict, Rural Development, Build Infrastructure, Eco-Tourism, etc. CHE can also promote capacity building initiatives in promoting awareness and advocacy on climate change impacts and resilience mechanisms for various groups of society. Coping with floods and droughts is critical particularly for smallholder farmers.  Therefore, the company promotes mechanisms that support resilience and Ecosystems-based Adaptation measures. CHE can also mobilise financial resources for fighting impacts of climate change in vulnerable places and sectors. These could be from the Green Climate Fund (GCF), Adaptation Fund (AF) and other international sources. CHE also supports renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. The company is registered for Energy Trading under ZARECS Trading account


Agriculture and food security (Sustainable Land Management SLM, Sustainable Forest Management SFM, Climate Smart Agriculture CSA)

Food insecurity and hunger are a huge challenge in the Southern African Region. Most countries, including South Africa do not produce sufficient food to feed their nations and therefore, they are net importers of food. The situation is worsened by the huge population increase, climate change impacts, poverty, high level of illiteracy, lack of resources and technologies. Sustainable land and forest management as well as Climate Smart Agriculture are systems that have a huge impact in addressing these challenges. CHE has experience in developing and implementing these systems in ways that are adapted to each environment and community. The education of in-school and out-of-school youth, women, community development groups such as small-holder farmers, etc, is critical for the up-take of these strategies.



Ecosystems management, landscaping, foodscaping, wetland and forest rehabilitation

CHE is passionate about ecosystems management, rehabilitation of wetlands and degraded landscapes, plant protection and development, landscaping and nursery development. CHE promotes foodscaping which is a form of landscaping that uses vegetables and edible plants. It is for both aesthetic values and providing food and nutrition. CHE also promotes tree growing campaigns, not only for aesthetic landscapes but also for nutritional values provided by the fruits, and reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions.


Consultancy Services

CHE has expertise for the following consultancy services: Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Management and Services, Green Economy, Blue Economy, Circular Economy, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, Water Security and Waste Water Treatment, Social Development, International Relations, Diplomacy, Etiquette, trans-boundary engagements and partnerships, Knowledge Management, Communications and Facilitation Services, etc.


Procurement and Distribution Services

CHE has been registered in a number of databases of companies and the Government National Supplier Database. It is therefore ready to supply a number of products as required by service seekers. The products range from stationary, agricultural products, protective clothing, office equipment, catering equipment, industrial supplies, etc.



Tourism, Events and Accommodation

The company owns a Guest Lodge in Hekpoort, South Africa called Barton’s Folly. (www.bartonsfolly.co.za). This enables CHE to have equipment and expertise for managing, accommodation bookings, events, conferences, dialogues and functions. These also include rental of decoration and culinary equipment, event management processes, facilitation of dialogues, exhibitions, conferences, high teas, parties, etc. The company also forms partnerships with other events management companies if there is a need. The company has partnered with Travelguru which facilitates flight bookings and accommodation across the world. Barton’s Folly is also listed in AirBnB, Travelstart, Magalisburg Meander, Agrotourismafrica (www.agrotourismafrica.com), Afristay.com, etc.


Beauty and health care

CHE is in the process of manufacturing their own beauty and health products. All their products will be made from natural elements including fruits, seeds, leaves. The products will range from skin care, hair care, make-up, to teas and weight control supplements. Elements that are being explored so far include tea tree, coconut oil, shear butter, moringa, aloe vera, etc. CHE is also running a hair and beauty salon in Pretoria, where the hair and beauty products are also sold and distributed. CHE is also a registered distributor of NU Skin products